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 Family Run Organization: Jim Lagina, Janice Lagina, Julia Lagina, Joseph Lagina

 Proudly Serving the States of Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota and Pennsylvania (Pocono Mountain Range)

 Manufacturer’s represented

  • ProVent Systems – The Single Stack PVC Sovent style system engineered to Save Time and 100% performance with 50% of the piping with 50 Years of history, it is the Best ROI in the market. ProVent Systems provides in-house Engineering and Design.
  • ProSet Systems – A Fire Stop Pipe Sleeve system UL/FM Specifically made for Poured, Cored and Corrugated Metal Deck rated floors and walls.
  • WaterGuard Sleeves – Water proof style Fire Rated Pipe Sleeves when your project needs the waterproof requirement at the same time providing a fire rated
  • TrapGuard Products – Drain insert products that eliminate the need for trap primers, eliminates sewer gas, sewer bugs and hydraulic back-ups.
  • T-Rite Rated Drains – The only Flame &Temperature rated drain that meets all the National and Local Building Codes for flame spread and temperature Stops all toxic smoke transmission from floor- to- floor. Used as floor, shower, hub and mop basin drains.
  • Whisper Quiet Shell Pipe – Sound proofing PVC shell pipe system reducing decibel ratings in PVC well below even Cast Iron Piping
  • Froet Industries, LLC – Froet Industries combination Roof/Overflow money saving products for the roof drainage industry that outperform the Roof Drains, Overflow Flow Sensors, Downspout Nozzles and Green Roof Drain Boxes.
  • Javelin Drain Products – A “Clean Breath of Fresh Air in the Drain Chemical In- dustry” No Smoke, Not Smell, No Heat. Urinal Drain Cleaner and Sink/Tub Drain Cleaner assisting plumbers changing the age old paradigm of how you clean drain and fixture openings