Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.

Address: 2415 South 170th Street, New Berlin, WI 53151
Phone: 262-827-3177
Fax: 262-827-3176
Robb Hopper, Dan Schmidt, Dana Ross, Carole Ann Brekke, Nick Held, Kris Schwalenberg

Territory – Wisconsin, Upper Michigan

• Chicago Faucets (Commercial Faucets and Flush Valves)
• Haws (Bottle Fillers, Drinking Fountains, Electric Water Coolers & Emergency Equipment)
• Kemper Water Controls (Specialty Valves, Sensors and Control Products)
• Leonard Water Temperature Controls (Water Temperature Controls)

• Metcraft (Stainless steel security and fixtures)
• Plumbing Creations (Stainless Steel Plumbing Specialties “We Can Do It”)
• Rockford Separators (Steel & Poly Grease Traps, Oil, Sand and Sediment Interceptors)
• Sioux Chief Mfg. (Drains, Cleanouts, Trench Drains, Carriers, Hangers, Brackets, Mini-Resters, Air Admittance Valves, Washer Boxes, and Specialty Items)
• Sloan Valve Company (Flush Valves, Electronic Faucets, Soap Dispensers, Sinks and Commercial China)
• Stiebel Eletron Inc. (Electric Tankless Water Heaters)