Product LineSales Representative
A.O. SmithSoderholm & Associates
A.O. Smith Water SystemsJFL Marketing Inc.
A.O. Smith Water TreatmentDistributor Sales Inc.
A.O. Smith Water TreatmentDistributor Sales Inc.
AB&I FoundryGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
ABS PumpsNorthland Sales Inc.
ACE HeaterFluid Handling, Inc

ADEY InnovationsFluid Handling, Inc
Advanced Thermal SystemHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AegisHydro-Flo Products Inc.

Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

Stabeck Sales & Marketing
AK IndustriesHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AK IndustriesNorthland Sales Inc.
AKERFourMation Sales
Alderon IndustriesGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Aldrich BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Allen CompanyNorthland Sales Inc.
AlloyRep Rite Burk & Associates
American Gas Safety

American Plumber
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Burton-Anderson & Associates
American StandardSoderholm & Associates
American Water HeatersSoderholm & Associates
American WheatleySoderholm & Associates
AmesSoderholm & Associates
AMT PumpsFluid Handling, Inc
Amtrol Inc.Rep Rite Burk & Associates
Anaco-HuskeyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
ASC – Anvil

ASC – Cooper
R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.

R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ASC – StrutR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ASC – EPSR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ApexMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
API Heat TransferFluid Handling, Inc
Apollo Press & Power PressFourMation Sales
Apollo Valves

Armstrong Pumps
FourMation Sales

FourMation Sales
Aquatic BathwareJFL Marketing Inc.
Aqua MarkRep Rite Burk & Associates
Aqua-RexHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AquaBathProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
AquatechnikSoderholm & Associates
AquathermProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Atlas FiltriGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
AxiomFourMation Sales
Axiom IndustriesHydro-Flo Products Inc.
B-Line (MN, ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
B-Line Tradeline Sales
Barclay ProductsStabeck Sales & Marketing
Basco Shower DoorsMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Base ProductsNorthland Sales Inc.
Beckett BurnersMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Bemis (MN, ND,SD, Western WI)FourMation Sales
Bemis ManufacturingTradeline Sales
Bernard ControlsProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
BlucherProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
BlucherSoderholm & Associates
Blue MonsterTradeline Sales
BoilerMAGFourMation Sales

Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

JFL Marketing Inc.
BoshartRep Rite Burk & Associates
Boston Metal ProductsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Boston ValveHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Bradley CorporationDistributor Sales Inc.
Bradley CorporationHSA Rep LLC.
Brass Craft ManufacturingDistributor Sales Inc.
Brass Craft ManufacturingDistributor Sales Inc.
BrasstechMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Braxton HarrisJFL Marketing Inc.
Broan-NuTone LLCHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Burnham CommercialFluid Handling, Inc
Burnham HoldingsMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
C & S Manufacturing CorporationTradeline Sales
CalefactioFluid Handling, Inc
CaleffiMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
CAMUSHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Canariis CorpFluid Handling, Inc
Capital CoilFluid Handling, Inc
Carson Industries

Rep Rite Burk & Associates

Cello ProductsJFL Marketing Inc.
CemlineHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Centennial Plastics, LLCRep Rite Burk & Associates
CentrothermMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Champion FiberglassGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Charlotte PipeHSA Rep LLC.
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry CompanyDistributor Sales Inc.
ChemiqueNorthland Sales Inc.
Chicago FaucetsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Chicago FaucetsDistributor Sales Inc.
ChronomiteHSA Rep LLC.
Church- Toilet SeatsFourMation Sales
Church- Toilet SeatsTradeline Sales
Cimberio ValvesDistributor Sales Inc.
Cimberio Valves

Comfort Designs
Distributor Sales Inc.

JFL Marketing Inc.

Cooper B-Line
Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Bongard Corporation
Conbraco IndustriesFourMation Sales
Couplings Company, IncSWS Consulting, LLC
Crane Pumps and SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
CreslineBongard Corporation
Crown IndustriesJFL Marketing Inc.
CSI/ WaterSoftRep Rite Burk & Associates
CTSR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Dallas SpecialtiesNorthland Sales Inc.
Dekorra Rock EnclosuresRep Rite Burk & Associates
Delta FaucetMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Denlar Fire ProtectionSoderholm & Associates
Diamond TubMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
DoleGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Donaldson FiltrationFluid Handling, Inc
DormontSoderholm & Associates
DowHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Dura-Vent M&G GroupHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Duravit USAStabeck Sales & Marketing
E. L. Mustee & SonsTradeline Sales
EasyHeatBongard Corporation
EcobeeMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
EcoerSoderholm & Associates
EemaxTradeline Sales
Electro IndustriesFourMation Sales
Elkay ManufacturingTradeline Sales
Elkay MFG Co (MN,ND, SD)Bongard Corporation
Elkhart ProductFourMation Sales
ElmdorHSA Rep LLC.
Emerson Cash ValveNorthland Sales Inc.
Empire IndustryiesJFL Marketing Inc.
Engineered Flexible Products

EWC Controls, Inc
Fluid Handling, Inc

FourMation Sales
EvapcoFluid Handling, Inc
EZ-Guide ProductsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
FebcoSoderholm & Associates
FernoxHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Fiat ProductsSoderholm & Associates
Flexcon IndustriesFluid Handling, Inc
Flomatic ValvesRep Rite Burk & Associates
Flow Conditioning CorpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
FlowtechRep Rite Burk & Associates
Fluidmaster (MN, ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
FluidmasterMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Franke USAStabeck Sales & Marketing
Gastite by TiteflexTradeline Sales
GeberitStabeck Sales & Marketing
General Water SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
General Wire SpringJFL Marketing Inc.
Gerber Plumbing FixturesFourMation Sales
Griswold ControlsFluid Handling, Inc
GroheSoderholm & Associates

MBA Corporation

GruvlockR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
GT Water ProductsSWS Consulting, LLC
GuardianBongard Corporation
Halsey TaylorHSA Rep LLC.
HaloBongard Corporation
HansgroheMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
HawsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
HaydonMBA Corporation
Heat ControllerMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Heat-TimerHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Hi-VelocityMBA Corporation
Hi-Velocity SystemsSoderholm & Associates
HolbyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Homestead ValvesProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Hubbell Water HeatersHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Hydrolevel CompanyMBA Corporation
Hydrotek Internation, IncSWS Consulting, LLC
HyspanFluid Handling, Inc
IBC BoilersFourMation Sales
IMI Flow Design, Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
InSinkErator (MN,ND,SD, Western WI)Bongard Corporation
InSinkEratorMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
IPEX USA, LLCGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
IPS CorporationGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
IPS CorporationMBA Corporation
IsimetTradeline Sales

J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

SWS Consulting, LLC
Jackel EcosystemsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Jason HydrotherapyMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Jeremias Exhaust SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
John Wood CompanyFluid Handling, Inc
Jay R SmithHSA Rep LLC.
Jomar Valve

Jones Stephens
Bongard Corporation

Tradeline Sales
JosamMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Just Mfg.Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
K-Flex Pipe InsulationGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
KeckleyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Kemper Water Controls
Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Kinetics Noise ControlHydro-Flo Products Inc.
KITZ ValveRep Rite Burk & Associates
Krausz USAGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Krowne MetalJFL Marketing Inc.
Lasco Fittings, Inc.Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Lattner BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Lavelle IndustriesJFL Marketing Inc.
Leonard Valve CompanyBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Lesso AmericaMBA Corporation
Liberty PumpsBongard Corporation
LinkasinkStabeck Sales & Marketing
Little GiantSoderholm & Associates
Little Giant Pump Co. (Eastern WI and UP of MI)Tradeline Sales
LochinvarFluid Handling, Inc
Lockwood ProductsFluid Handling, Inc
Lync by WattsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Maax CollectionFourMation Sales
Maax Professional,FourMation Sales
Madden ManufacturingFluid Handling, Inc
Magic-PakSoderholm & Associates
Mansfield Plumbing ProductsBongard Corporation
MapaTradeline Sales
Mason IndustriesBongard Corporation
Matco-NorcaGranse/Trio Sales LLC.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
MetcraftBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Mercer RubberProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Metal FabBongard Corporation
Midland MetalGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Miller LeamanFluid Handling, Inc
Mr SteamHSA Rep LLC.
MIRO IndustriesNorthland Sales Inc.
MTI BathsStabeck Sales & Marketing
Mueller Steam SpecialtyProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Multi FittingsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
MurdockHSA Rep LLC.
MusteeTradeline Sales
MysonHydro-Flo Products Inc.

Native Trails
MBA Corporation

Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Neenah ManufacturingNorthland Sales Inc.
Newport BrassStabeck Sales & Marketing
NiagraDistributor Sales Inc.
NUPI AmericasHSA Rep LLC.
NorwescoBongard Corporation
Norwesco Inc.
NTIHydro-Flo Products Inc.
nVent CADDYDistributor Sales Inc.
nVent CADDYDistributor Sales Inc.
Oasis BathwareHSA Rep LLC.
Oasis Water Coolers
Oatey (MN,ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
OateyHSA Rep LLC.
OrionProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
OrionSoderholm & Associates
Panasonic VentilationStabeck Sales & Marketing
PeabodyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Pentair Water/Wastewater SystemsRep Rite Burk & Associates
Pentair Water Solutions (formerly American Plumber)Tradeline Sales
Peterson EquipmentHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PhilmacGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
PietroMBA Corporation
PipeconxGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Plumbing CreationsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Polyethylene Technology, IncGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Potable Water/ Non-Potable Water Tags and StickersNorthland Sales Inc.
Power FlameFluid Handling, Inc
PowersProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
PowersSoderholm & Associates
PPP/PHPMBA Corporation
PrierBongard Corporation
Pro Hydronic SpecitiesFluid Handling, Inc
ProcoR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Proco ProductsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PurofluxHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PVIHydro-Flo Products Inc.
QM DrainsStabeck Sales & Marketing
QuietflexMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
RaypakFourMation Sales
RecoProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
RectorSealProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Red-White Valve Corp.Granse/Trio Sales LLC.
Reed ToolGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
RehauMBA Corporation
Rheem (MN, ND, SD, and WI)FourMation Sales
RhomarFourMation Sales

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
RoburSoderholm & Associates
RockfordBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Roth IndustriesFluid Handling, Inc
SAS Safety Equipment

FourMation Sales

SchierProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Schier (MN, ND, SD)Bongard Corporation
Schwank / InfrasaveMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Scot Pump CompanyFluid Handling, Inc
SeachromeNorthland Sales Inc.
SECGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Senju SprinklerFourMation Sales
Service Wire

JFL Marketing Inc.

FourMation Sales
SiemensFluid Handling, Inc
Simmons Mfg.
Sioux Chief Mfg.Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
SJE-RhombusRep Rite Burk & Associates
Sloan Valve Company

Sloan Valve Company (Western Wisconsin)
Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.

Bongard Corporation
ASC – Smith – CooperR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Smith’s Environmental

Smith, Jay R.
Fluid Handling, Inc

Snappy Sheet Metal Tube and FittingsFourMation Sales
SouthwireRep Rite Burk & Associates
Speakman CompanyNorthland Sales Inc.
SpirothermMBA Corporation
State Water HeatersSoderholm & Associates
SteamMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
SterlcoFluid Handling, Inc
Stern-Williams Company
StockhamHSA Rep LLC.
StriemProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
SunstarMBA Corporation
Superior Radiant Products

Stiebel Eletron Inc
FourMation Sales

Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
SVF Flow Controls

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

FourMation Sales
SyncroFloSoderholm & Associates
T & S BrassProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
T ChristyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Taco Inc.Fluid Handling, Inc
TakagiSoderholm & Associates
Tekmar Control SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
Thermal Engineering of ArizonaFluid Handling, Inc
Thermal Solutions

Fluid Handling, Inc

Stabeck Sales & Marketing
TOTOMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
TitanR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Topp IndustriesHSA Rep LLC.
TPI, Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
TrericeHydro-Flo Products Inc.
TrericeR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Triangle TubeMBA Corporation
Triangle TubeSoderholm & Associates
TurbonicsMBA Corporation
TurboTorchBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
TurbotorchBongard Corporation
Twin City Hose Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
Ultra FinRep Rite Burk & Associates
Ultra-FinMBA Corporation
UnicoMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Union Brass
Fluid Handling, Inc

Tradeline Sales

Uponor (Mn, ND,SD)
Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

FourMation Sales
UreconGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
UV PureHydro-Flo Products Inc.
UV-SystemsR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Vaughn Thermal CorpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Victory BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Viega Pureflow PexHSA Rep LLC.
Viega Heating & Cooling

Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

FourMation Sales

Walters Products

Warren Controls

Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Rep Rite Burk & Associates

R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Water ControlSoderholm & Associates
Watson McDanielFluid Handling, Inc
WattsProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Watts RadiantSoderholm & Associates
Watts Water TechnologiesSoderholm & Associates
Weil PumpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Weiss Instruments

Weksler Gauges

Fluid Handling, Inc

FourMation Sales

Bongard Corporation
Weld On

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

Wessels Co.

Westlake Pipe & Fittings
Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Wheeler TankHydro-Flo Products Inc.

Whitewater Manufacturing

Rep Rite Burk & Associates
Willoughby Industries, IncSWS Consulting, LLC

Northland Sales Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Xylem Bell & GossettHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem DomesticHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem GouldsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem Hoffman SpecialtyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem McDonnell & MillerHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Z-FlexSoderholm & Associates

Zurn Water Solutions

Zurn Wilkins

Tradeline Sales

Tradeline Sales