Product LineSales Representative
A.O. SmithSoderholm & Associates
A.O. Smith Water SystemsJFL Marketing Inc.
A.O. Smith Water TreatmentDistributor Sales Inc.
A.O. Smith Water TreatmentDistributor Sales Inc.
AB&I FoundryGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
ABS PumpsNorthland Sales Inc.
ACE HeaterFluid Handling, Inc
Acorn EngineeringProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Acorn SafetyProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Acorn VacProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
ADEY InnovationsFluid Handling, Inc
Advanced Thermal SystemHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AegisHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AercoHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AK IndustriesHydro-Flo Products Inc.
AK IndustriesNorthland Sales Inc.
AKERFourMation Sales
Alderon IndustriesGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Aldrich BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Allen CompanyNorthland Sales Inc.
AlloyRep Rite Burk & Associates
American Gas Safety

American Plumber
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Burton-Anderson & Associates
American StandardSoderholm & Associates
American Water HeatersSoderholm & Associates
American WheatleySoderholm & Associates
AmesSoderholm & Associates
AMT PumpsFluid Handling, Inc
Amtrol Inc.Rep Rite Burk & Associates
Anaco-HuskeyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
ASC – Anvil

ASC – Cooper
R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.

R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ASC – StrutR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ASC – EPSR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
ApexMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
API Heat TransferFluid Handling, Inc
Apollo Press & Power PressFourMation Sales
Apollo Valves

Armstrong Pumps
FourMation Sales

FourMation Sales
Aquatic BathwareJFL Marketing Inc.
Aqua MarkRep Rite Burk & Associates
Aqua-RexHydro-Flo Products Inc.

Aqua Design Manufacturing
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Northland Sales Inc.
AquatechnikSoderholm & Associates
AquathermProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Atlas FiltriGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
AxiomFourMation Sales
Axiom IndustriesHydro-Flo Products Inc.
B-Line (MN, ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
B-Line Tradeline Sales
Barclay ProductsStabeck Sales & Marketing
Basco Shower DoorsMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Base ProductsNorthland Sales Inc.
Beckett BurnersMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
BEECO BackflowNorthland Sales
Bemis (MN, ND,SD, Western WI)FourMation Sales
Bemis ManufacturingTradeline Sales
Bernard ControlsProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
BlucherProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
BlucherSoderholm & Associates
Blue MonsterTradeline Sales
BoilerMAGFourMation Sales

Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

JFL Marketing Inc.
BoshartRep Rite Burk & Associates
Boston Metal ProductsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Boston ValveHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Bradley CorporationDistributor Sales Inc.
Bradley CorporationHSA Rep LLC.
Brass Craft ManufacturingDistributor Sales Inc.
Brass Craft ManufacturingDistributor Sales Inc.
BrasstechMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Braxton HarrisJFL Marketing Inc.
Broan-NuTone LLCHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Burnham CommercialFluid Handling, Inc
Burnham HoldingsMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
C & S Manufacturing CorporationTradeline Sales
CalefactioFluid Handling, Inc
CaleffiMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
CAMUSHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Canariis CorpFluid Handling, Inc
Capital CoilFluid Handling, Inc
Carson IndustriesRep Rite Burk & Associates
Cello ProductsJFL Marketing Inc.
CemlineHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Centennial Plastics, LLCRep Rite Burk & Associates
CentrothermMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Champion FiberglassGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Charlotte PipeHSA Rep LLC.
Charlotte Pipe and Foundry CompanyDistributor Sales Inc.
ChemiqueNorthland Sales Inc.
Chicago FaucetsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Chicago FaucetsDistributor Sales Inc.
ChronomiteProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Church- Toilet SeatsFourMation Sales
Church- Toilet SeatsTradeline Sales
Cimberio ValvesDistributor Sales Inc.
Cimberio Valves

Comfort Designs
Distributor Sales Inc.

JFL Marketing Inc.

Cooper B-Line
Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Bongard Corporation
Conbraco IndustriesFourMation Sales
Couplings Company, IncSWS Consulting, LLC
Crane Pumps and SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
CreslineBongard Corporation
Crown IndustriesJFL Marketing Inc.
CSI/ WaterSoftRep Rite Burk & Associates
CTSR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Dallas SpecialtiesNorthland Sales Inc.
Dekorra Rock EnclosuresRep Rite Burk & Associates
Delta FaucetMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Denlar Fire ProtectionSoderholm & Associates
Diamond TubMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
DoleGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Donaldson FiltrationFluid Handling, Inc
DormontSoderholm & Associates
DowHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Dura-Vent M&G GroupHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Duravit USAStabeck Sales & Marketing
E. L. Mustee & SonsTradeline Sales
EasyHeatBongard Corporation
EcobeeMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
EcoerSoderholm & Associates
EemaxTradeline Sales
Electro IndustriesFourMation Sales
Elkay ManufacturingHSA Rep LLC.
Elkay MFG Co (MN,ND, SD)Bongard Corporation
Elkhart ProductFourMation Sales
ElmdorProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Emerson Cash ValveNorthland Sales Inc.
Empire IndustryiesJFL Marketing Inc.
Engineered Flexible Products

EWC Controls, Inc
Fluid Handling, Inc

FourMation Sales
EvapcoFluid Handling, Inc
EZ-Guide ProductsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
FebcoSoderholm & Associates
FernoxHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Fiat ProductsSoderholm & Associates
Flexcon IndustriesFluid Handling, Inc
Flomatic ValvesRep Rite Burk & Associates
Flow Conditioning CorpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
FlowtechRep Rite Burk & Associates
Fluidmaster (MN, ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
FluidmasterMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Franke USAStabeck Sales & Marketing
Gastite by TiteflexTradeline Sales
GeberitStabeck Sales & Marketing
General Water SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
General Wire SpringJFL Marketing Inc.
Gerber Plumbing FixturesFourMation Sales
Griswold ControlsFluid Handling, Inc
GroheSoderholm & Associates

MBA Corporation

GruvlockR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
GT Water ProductsSWS Consulting, LLC
GuardianBongard Corporation
Halsey TaylorHSA Rep LLC.
HansgroheMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
HawsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
HaydonMBA Corporation
Heat ControllerMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Heat-TimerHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Hi-VelocityMBA Corporation
Hi-Velocity SystemsSoderholm & Associates
HolbyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Homestead ValvesProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Hubbell Water HeatersHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Hydrolevel CompanyMBA Corporation
Hydrotek Internation, IncSWS Consulting, LLC
HyspanFluid Handling, Inc
IBC BoilersFourMation Sales
IMI Flow Design, Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
InSinkErator (MN,ND,SD, Western WI)Bongard Corporation
InSinkEratorMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Intersan by Aqua-Design ManufacturingNorthland Sales Inc.
IPEX USA, LLCGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
IPS CorporationGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
IPS CorporationMBA Corporation
IsimetTradeline Sales

J.C. Whitlam Manufacturing
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

SWS Consulting, LLC
Jackel EcosystemsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Jason HydrotherapyMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Jeremias Exhaust SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
John Wood CompanyFluid Handling, Inc
Jay R SmithHSA Rep LLC.
Jones StephensTradeline Sales
Just Mfg.Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
K-Flex Pipe InsulationGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
KeckleyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Kemper Water Controls
Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Kinetics Noise ControlHydro-Flo Products Inc.
KITZ ValveRep Rite Burk & Associates
Krausz USAGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Krowne MetalJFL Marketing Inc.
Lasco Fittings, Inc.Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Lattner BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Lavelle IndustriesJFL Marketing Inc.
LegendBongard Corporation
Leonard Valve CompanyBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Lesso AmericaMBA Corporation
Liberty PumpsBongard Corporation
LinkasinkStabeck Sales & Marketing
Little GiantSoderholm & Associates
Little Giant Pump Co. (Eastern WI and UP of MI)Tradeline Sales
LochinvarFluid Handling, Inc
Lockwood ProductsFluid Handling, Inc
Lync by WattsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Maax CollectionFourMation Sales
Maax Professional,FourMation Sales
Madden ManufacturingFluid Handling, Inc
Magic-PakSoderholm & Associates
Mansfield Plumbing ProductsBongard Corporation
MapaTradeline Sales
Mason IndustriesBongard Corporation
Matco-NorcaGranse/Trio Sales LLC.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
MEA Trench DrainsNorthland Sales 
Mercer RubberProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Metal FabBongard Corporation
Midland MetalGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
MIFABNorthland Sales, Inc.
Miller LeamanFluid Handling, Inc
Mr SteamHSA Rep LLC.
MIRO IndustriesNorthland Sales Inc.
MTI BathsStabeck Sales & Marketing
Mueller Steam SpecialtyProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Multi FittingsGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
MurdockProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
MusteeTradeline Sales
MysonHydro-Flo Products Inc.
NavacMBA Corporation
Neenah ManufacturingNorthland Sales Inc.
Newport BrassStabeck Sales & Marketing
NiagraDistributor Sales Inc.
NUPI AmericasHSA Rep LLC.
NorwescoBongard Corporation
Norwesco Inc.Tradeline Sales
NTIHydro-Flo Products Inc.
nVent CADDYDistributor Sales Inc.
nVent CADDYDistributor Sales Inc.
Oasis BathwareHSA Rep LLC.
Oasis Water CoolersDistributor Sales Inc.
Oatey (MN,ND,SD)Bongard Corporation
OateyHSA Rep LLC.
OrionProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
OrionSoderholm & Associates
Panasonic VentilationStabeck Sales & Marketing
PeabodyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Pentair Water/Wastewater SystemsRep Rite Burk & Associates
Pentair Water Solutions (formerly American Plumber)Tradeline Sales
Peterson EquipmentHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PhilmacGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
PietroMBA Corporation
PipeconxGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Plumbing CreationsBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Polyethylene Technology, IncGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Potable Water/ Non-Potable Water Tags and StickersNorthland Sales Inc.
Power FlameFluid Handling, Inc
PowersProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
PowersSoderholm & Associates
PPP/PHPMBA Corporation
PrierBongard Corporation
Pro Hydronic SpecitiesFluid Handling, Inc
ProcoR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Proco ProductsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PurofluxHydro-Flo Products Inc.
PVIHydro-Flo Products Inc.
QM DrainsStabeck Sales & Marketing
QuietflexMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
RaypakFourMation Sales
RecoProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
RectorSealProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Red-White Valve Corp.Granse/Trio Sales LLC.
Reed ToolGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
RehauMBA Corporation
Rheem (MN, ND, SD, and WI)FourMation Sales
RhomarFourMation Sales

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.
RoburSoderholm & Associates
RockfordBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
Roth IndustriesFluid Handling, Inc
SAS Safety Equipment

FourMation Sales

SchierProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Schier (MN, ND, SD)Bongard Corporation
Schwank / InfrasaveMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
Scot Pump CompanyFluid Handling, Inc
SeachromeNorthland Sales Inc.
SECGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Senju SprinklerFourMation Sales
SeptronicsBurton-Anderson & Associates
Service Wire

JFL Marketing Inc.

FourMation Sales
SiemensFluid Handling, Inc
SIM/TECH FilterTradeline Sales
Simmons Mfg.Tradeline Sales
Sioux Chief Mfg.Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
SJE-RhombusRep Rite Burk & Associates
Sloan Valve CompanyBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
ASC – Smith – CooperR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Smith’s Environmental

Smith, Jay R.
Fluid Handling, Inc

Snappy Sheet Metal Tube and FittingsFourMation Sales
SouthwireRep Rite Burk & Associates
Speakman CompanyNorthland Sales Inc.
SpirothermMBA Corporation
State Water HeatersSoderholm & Associates
SteamMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.
SteamistStabeck Sales & Marketing
SterlcoFluid Handling, Inc
Stern-Williams Company
StockhamHSA Rep LLC.
StriemProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
SunstarMBA Corporation
Superior Radiant Products

Stiebel Eletron Inc
FourMation Sales

Badgerland Trading of WI Inc.
SVF Flow Controls

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

FourMation Sales
SyncroFloSoderholm & Associates
T & S BrassProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
T ChristyGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
Taco Inc.Fluid Handling, Inc
TakagiSoderholm & Associates
Tekmar Control SystemsFluid Handling, Inc
Thermal Engineering of ArizonaFluid Handling, Inc
Thermal SolutionsFluid Handling, Inc
TitanR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Topp IndustriesHSA Rep LLC.
TPI, Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
TrericeHydro-Flo Products Inc.
TrericeR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Triangle TubeMBA Corporation
Triangle TubeSoderholm & Associates
TurbonicsMBA Corporation
TurboTorchBadgerland Trading of WI Inc.
TurbotorchBongard Corporation
Twin City Hose Inc.Hydro-Flo Products Inc.
Ultra FinRep Rite Burk & Associates
Ultra-FinMBA Corporation
UnicoMidwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Union Brass
Fluid Handling, Inc

Tradeline Sales

Uponor (Mn, ND,SD)
Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

FourMation Sales
UreconGranse/Trio Sales LLC.
UV PureHydro-Flo Products Inc.
UV-SystemsR.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.
Vaughn Thermal CorpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Victory BoilerFluid Handling, Inc
Viega Pureflow PexHSA Rep LLC.
Viega Heating & Cooling

Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

FourMation Sales

Walters Products

Warren Controls

Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Rep Rite Burk & Associates

R.G. Higgins & Associates Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Water ControlSoderholm & Associates
Watson McDanielFluid Handling, Inc
WattsProcess & Mechanical Systems Inc.
Watts RadiantSoderholm & Associates
Watts Water TechnologiesSoderholm & Associates
Weil PumpHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Weiss Instruments

Weksler Gauges
Fluid Handling, Inc

FourMation Sales
Weld On

Granse/Trio Sales LLC.

Tradeline Sales
Wessels Co.

Westlake Pipe & Fittings
Hydro-Flo Products Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Wheeler TankHydro-Flo Products Inc.

Whitewater Manufacturing
Process & Mechanical Systems Inc.

Rep Rite Burk & Associates
Willoughby Industries, IncSWS Consulting, LLC

Northland Sales Inc.

Tradeline Sales
Xylem Bell & GossettHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem DomesticHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem GouldsHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem Hoffman SpecialtyHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Xylem McDonnell & MillerHydro-Flo Products Inc.
Z-FlexSoderholm & Associates
Zone First

Zurn Water Solutions

Zurn Wilkins
Midwest Sales & Marketing Inc.

Tradeline Sales

Tradeline Sales