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Staff: Andy Meier, Dave Meier, Mike Anderson, Pete Brewer, Dan Brusewitz, Travis Buchholz, Dave Champion, Dave Clark, Mark Dahl, John Davidson, Angi Erbs, Dave Erd, Jenny Erd, Nancy Gomez, AJ Hackbarth, Howie Heier, Tom Hunt, Bob Jesko, Josh Jesko, Sam Karls, Steve Kolstad, Jill Kurimsky, Stephanie Maier, Kevin McCarthy, Cindy Meier, Charlie Meier, Phil Perso, Dominic Rynders,

Jeff Schramm, Kristi Schwanebeck, Tom Shipshock

Territory – Wisconsin, Upper Michigan

  • Advanced Thermal System (Steam Ball Joints, Steam Expansion Joints, Pipe Guides & Slides)
  • Aegis (Shaft Grounding Rings)
  • Aqua-Rex (Physical Water Conditioner)
  • Axiom Industries (Specialty Products for Hydronic Systems; System Feeders; Filters; Demineralization Devices; Condensate Neutralizers; By-Pass Feeders)
  • Bell & Gossett – Xylem (Pumps, Heat Exchangers, Specialties, Variable Speed Systems)
  • Broan-NuTone HVAC (IAQ-Indoor Air Quality; Air Exchangers; Exhaust Fans; Central Vac Systems & accessories; Range Hoods; Ventilation Products & accessories
  • BoilerMag (Magnetic Filtration Devices/Systems)
  • Boston Valve (Plumbing & Heating Valves)
  • Calefactio (Glycol Make-Up, Condensate Neutralizer, Specialties)
  • CAMUS (Commercial & Boilers, Storage Tanks & Water Heaters)
  • Cemline (Packaged Water Heaters, Tanks, Replacement Tube Bundles)
  • Domestic – Xylem (Boiler Feed & Condensate Pumps)
  • Dow (Dowtherm SR-1 and Dowfrost Glycol-Based Heat Transfer Fluid)
  • Dura-Vent – M&G Group (Boiler and Water Heater Venting)
  • DynaSonics-Badger Meter – Ultrasonic & Doppler Flow Meters
  • Fernox (Boiler/System Treatment Chemicals and Testing, Magnetic and, Hydro-Cyclonic Filters, Powerflushing Machine)
  • Flow Conditioning Corp (Hydronic Indicators, Double Suction Diffusers, Flange Adapters)
  • IMI Flow Design, (Automatic & Manual Hydronic Balancing Valves, Coil Hook-Up Kits)
  • Goulds – Xylem (Wastewater, Turbine Pumps & Vertical Multi-Stage Pumps, Variable Speed Systems)
  • Hubbell Water Heaters (Water Heaters-Electric, Gas, Steam, Hybrid, Indirect, Custom; Water Heater Systems; Storage Tanks; Packaged Systems; Custom Water Heater Packages)
  • Heat-Timer (Boiler and Water Heater Controls, Steam Rest Controls, Motorized Valves)
  • Hedland-Badger Meter– (Visual Flow Meters)
  • Hoffman Specialty – Xylem (Steam Trap , Reg. & Condensate Pumps)
  • Holby (Tempering Valves)
  • Keckley (“Y” & Basket Strainers, Control Valves)
  • Kinetics Noise Control (Vibration Controls, Inertia Bases)
  • McDonnell & Miller – Xylem (Boiler/Liquid Level Controls, Flow Switches)
  • Myson (Hydronic Heating, Radiation & Towel Bar Warmers)
  • NTI (Trinity High Efficiency Boilers/Water Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Storage Tanks)
  • Peterson Equipment (Pressure/Temperature Test Plugs)
  • Preso-Badger Meter(Flow Measurement Pilot Tubes, Venturi Meters, Gauges)
  • Proco Products (Expansion Joints, Flexible Connectors)
  • Puroflux (Liquid Filtration & Separation)
  • Racine Vortex (Flow Meters)
  • Trerice (Temperature & Pressure Instruments/Controls)
  • Twin City Hose (Metal Hose & Expansion Joints)
  • UV Pure (Water Purifiers)
  • Vaughn Thermal Corporation (Water Heaters-Electric, Indirect, Solar, Hybrid; Storage Tanks; Electronic Controls; Buffer Tanks)
  • Viega (Plumbing & Heating PEX, Tubing & Accessories)
  • Weil Pump (Sump, Effluent Ejector, Grinder & Slicer Pumps)
  • Wessels (Tanks & Pressure Vessels, Glycol Makeup Systems)
  • Wheeler Tank (ASME Storage Tanks)
  • Z-Vent (Boiler Venting)
  • Denotes items warehoused by Hydro-Flo products,