Fluid Handling Inc.

Address: W140 N9061 Lilly Road, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051
Phone: 414-358-2646

Staff: David Roate, Mark Sievers, Steve Kohn, David Mikolainis, Aaron King, David Platta, Sue Hembel, Matt Whitaker, Andy Fleck, Brad Thompson, John Strachota, Patrick Goesch, Tim Stingle, Todd Raymond, Kathy Hillus, Whitney Hennlich, Jeff Ihn, Laura Peterson, Shane Creger, Morgan Weyer, Stephen Spaite, Jake Oertel, Anthony Maglio, Jake Grenier, Crystal Pierce, Gary Jansen, Dave Carlson, Catherine Gilbertson, Andrew Grzybowski, Ainsley Schley, Kevin Forsythe


  • Wisconsin
  • Upper Peninsula, Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Winnebago County, Illinois



  • ACE Heater (Instantaneous Steam Water Heaters, Boilers)
  • ADEY Innovations (Magnetic Filtration Equipment, Boiler Treatment Cleaner and Inhibitor Chemicals)
  • Aldrich Boiler (Fire Tube, Dual Fuel, Condensing Boilers)
  • AMT Pumps (Self-priming, Centrifugal, and Specialty Pumps)
  • API Heat Transfer (Industrial Heat Exchangers)
  • Burnham Commercial (Commercial Steel Fire Tube Boilers)
  • Calefactio (Hydronic and Thermal Expansion Tanks, Glycol Feeders, Acid Neutralizers)
  • Canariis Corp (Pressure Booster Systems) Capital Coil (Replacement Coils and Tube Bundles)
  • Crane Pumps and Systems (Barnes, Burks, Crane, & Weinman Pump Companies)
  • Donaldson Filtration (Industrial and Process Filtration Equipment)
  • Engineered Flexible Products (Flex Connectors, Expansion Joints)
  • Evapco (Evapaorative Cooling Products for Industrial/Process Applications)
  • Flexcon Industries (Hydronic and Thermal Expansion Tanks)
  • General Water Systems (Pot Feeders and Filters)
  • Griswold Controls (Constant Flow Regulators and Accessories)
  • Hyspan (Expansion Joints, Compensators, and Ball Joints)
  • Jeremias Exhaust Systems (Stainless Steel Venting and Exhaust Pipe and Fittings)
  • John Wood Company (Pressure Vessels)
  • Lattner Boiler (Vertical Steam Humidification Boilers)
  • Lochinvar (Commercial and Residential Boilers, Water Heaters, Pool Heaters, Storage Tanks)
  • Lockwood Products (Deaerators, Condensate Return Systems)
  • Madden Manufacturing (Metering Pumps, Chemical Feed Systems, Sample Coolers, Heat Recovery Equipment) Mason Industries (Vibration Isolation Equipment, Pump Connectors)
  • Miller Leaman (Commercial/Industrial Filtration Systems)
  • Power Flame (Power Burners)
  • Pro Hydronic Specities (Constant Flow Regulators, Balancing Valves)
  • Roth Industries (Radiant Tubing, Manifolds, and Accessories)
  • Scot Pump Company (Centrifugal and Specialty Pumps)
  • Siemens (Burner Combustion Controls)
  • Smith’s Environmental (Wall and Kickspace Heaters, High Efficiency Baseboard and Accessories)
  • Sterlco (Condensate, Boiler Feed Systems, Steam Traps and Control Valves)
  • Taco (Hydronic Pumps, Pressure Vessels, Valves, Controls, and Accessories)
  • Tekmar Control Systems (Hydronic and Control Systems, Boiler Controls)
  • Thermal Engineering of Arizona (Heat Recovery Water Heating Systems)
  • Thermal Solutions (Copper Tube and Stainless Steel Water Tube Boilers and Water Heaters)
  • Unilux (Flexible Tube Steam and Water Boilers)
  • Victory Boiler (Industrial Fire Tube Boilers)
  • Watson McDaniel (Steam Traps, Valves, Pumps, and Accessories)
  • Weiss Instruments (Thermometers, Gauges, Accessories)