Fluid Handling

Fluid Handling Inc.

Address: 12130 West Carmen Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53225
Phone: 414-358-2646

Nick Zwaska, Dave Roate, Mark Sievers, Steve Kohn, David Mikolainis, Aaron King, Kevin Prom, Dave Carlson, Brian Lynch, Jessica Christansen, Gary Jansen, Bradley Kugler, Tim Stingle, Michael Whited, Kathy Hillus, Jeff Ihn, Andy Fleck, Brad Thompson, John Strachota, Sue Hembel, Whitney Walker, Jenelle McGlothian, Rick Gerek, and Mike Sauer

Territory: Wisconsin, Upper Michigan
• HVAC and Plumbing Lines
• AMT Pumps (Self Priming, Centrifugal and Specialty Pumps)
• Canariis Corp. (Pressure Booster & Pumping Systems)
• Crane Pumps and Systems (Vertical Turbine & Horizontal Split Pumps)
• Engineered Flexible Products (Flex Connectors)
• Evapco, Inc. (Evaporative Cooling Products)
• Flexcon Industries (Expansion Tanks & Hydronic Accessories)
• Griswold Filtration (Separators & Separator Systems)
• Hyspan (Expansion Joints)
• ITT Standard (Heat Exchangers)
• John Wood Company (Pressure Vessels)
• Lattner Boiler Co. (Steam Humidification Boilers)
• Lochinvar Boilers (Boilers, SS Indirect Water Heaters, and SS Buffer Tanks)
• Lochinvar Water Heaters (Copper and Stainless Steel Water Heaters and Storage Tanks)
• Mason Industries (Vibration Control)
• Miller-Leaman (Cooling Tower Filtration)
• Pro Hydronic Specialties (Constant Flow Regulators and Piping Packages)
• Roth Industries (Hydronic Radiant Tubing & Accessories)
• Smith’s Environmental (Kickspace Heaters, Wall Heaters, and High Efficiency Low Temperature Hydronic Baseboard)
• Sterling (Condensate Equipment, Steam Traps)*
• Taco (Pumps & Hydronic Accessories)
• Tekmar Controls (Boiler, Snow Melt, and Hydronic System Controls)
• Texas Fairfax (Test Plugs)
• Thermal Solutions (Hot Water Boilers & Water Heaters)
• Thermal Transfer (Heat Exchangers)
• Thermal Transfer Products (Oil Coolers, Heat Exchangers)
• Tri State Industries (Pipe Guides & Anchors)
• Unilux Advanced Manufacturing (Flex Tube Boilers)
• U.S.A. Coil & Air (Replacement Coils & HVAC Equipment)
• Weiss Instruments (Thermometers & Gauges)
• Wheeler Tank Manufacturing (Custom Pressure Vessels)
• Webster Engineering (Commercial and Industrial Burners) 