Northland Sales, Inc

Address: 17949 West Lincoln Avenue, New Berlin, WI 53146
Phone: 262-827-1551
Fax: 262-827-1553
Staff: Steve Mellone, Jeff Mellone, Chris Pastorek

Territory – Wisconsin, Upper Michigan

  • ABS Pumps– Sulzer (Sump Pumps, Effluent Pumps, Ejector Pumps, Pump Alarms, Panels & Floats)
  • AK Industries (Poly and Fiberglass Sump Basins, Triple basins & Poly Septic Tanks)
  • Allen Company (Sink basket strainers)
  • Base Products (Wisconsin Approved Water Powered and Battery Backup Pumps)
  • Chemique (KRC-7 & Uni-Pol, Fiberglass & Acrylic Cleaners)
  • Dallas Specialties (Flexible Pipe Couplings, No-Hub Couplings, Heavy-Duty No-Hub Couplings, HTCRSR-High Temp Chemical Resistant/Shear Resistant Couplings)
  • Emerson Cash Valve – Industrial control valves and pressure regulators and Cryogenic safety
  • Miro Industries (engineered and non-penetrating roof-top supports for ducts, pipe and mechanical equipment, Cross-overs, service platforms)
  • Neenah Manufacturing (reseller of domestic grey iron frame and grates)
  • Potable Water/ Non-Potable Water Tags and Stickers
  • Seachrome (grab bars, ADA shower seats & Bathroom accessories)
  • Speakman Company (Commercial products including high quality sensor faucets, shower heads, safety equipment including Eye Saver SEF- ANSI Z358 Compliant eyewash/faucets)
  • RayChem NVent (Electric Heat Tracing & Freeze Protection cables)
  • WingIts (Grab Bar Fastening Technology)