Bongard Corporation

PO Box 640 • 13366 Lake Drive, Forest Lake, MN 55025
Phone: 651-982-9802
Fax: 651-982-9506
Personnel: Pete Mayer, Kathy Schug, Bob Bongard, Mark Mayer, Jeff “Ace” Vollmer, Brian Nielson, Shawn Madetzke, Ryan Vavra, Wade Knipp, Anders Sundqvist,  Jennifer Marken, Andy Valitchka, Ron Bongard, Carly Nelson

Territory – MN, ND, SD, WI, Upper Michigan


• Acorn Controls –Thermostatic mixing valves (MN, ND, SD, UP Michigan)

• Acorn Engineering – Wash Fountains, Stainless steel plumbing fixtures, Penal Fixtures (MN, ND, SD, UP Michigan)

• Acorn Safety– Safety Systems, Eye/Face washes and drench Equipment (MN, ND, SD, UP Michigan)

• Acorn Vac– Vacuum plumbing equipment and Fixtures (MN, ND, SD, UP Michigan)

• Chromomite – Electric Tankless water heaters (MN, ND, SD)

• Cresline – PVC, CPVC and Poly Pipe (MN, ND, SD, W WI)
• Elmdor – Access Doors and roof hatches (MN, ND, SD)
• Fluidmaster – Connectors, Tank Trim and Accessories (MN, ND, SD)

• Halo – Whole home water filtration equipment

• InSinkErator – Garbage Disposers and Hot Water Dispensers (MN, ND, SD, Western WI)
• Jomar Valve – Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Cast  Iron Valves, Low Pressure Valves, Add-a-Valve
• Liberty Pumps – Sump, Sewage and Grinder Pumps (WI)
• Mansfield Plumbing Products – Vitreous China, Bathware and Plumbing Fixtures (MN, ND, SD, WI)
• Mason Industries – Anti Vibration Products (MN, ND, SD)

• Murdock – Bottle fillers, Drinking Fountains (MN, ND, SD)
• Oatey – Oatey, Cherne Industries, Dearborn Brass, and Hercules (MN, ND, SD)
• Schier– Grease Interceoptors and accessories (MN, ND, SD)
• Sloan- Water Efficient commercial bathroom products (MN, ND, SD, Western WI)

•Wesanco – Steel Strut and fittings (MN, ND, SD, WI, UP Michigan)

• Whitehall Manufacturing– Surgeon Scrub Sinks, Careware, ligature resistant fixtures (MN, ND, SD)