Granse/Trio Sales, LLC

21670 Hamburg Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044
Phone: 952-469-2191
Fax: 952-469-2196

Staff: Jade Anderson, Alicia Lynne, Don Lynne, Kiersten Martinez, Jeff Olson, Kent Olson, Kim Olson, Paul Osinga, Brenda Schnichels, Matt Stendahl, Daryl Unser

Territory – Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan

Manufacturer’s Represented
❖ Aquaphalt (Cold Patch Repair Asphalt)
• AB&I Foundry – (Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings)
❖ Anaco/Husky – (Standard No Hub Couplings, Heavy Duty No Hub Couplings, Cremco Specialty Couplings)
• Alderon Industries – (Liquid Level Alarms, Water Leakage Sensors, Control Panels and Switches for use in water, wastewater and sewage)
❖ Dole (Flow Regulators & Zone Control Valves)
• Gripper Gasket LLC – (Restraining Gaskets for Tyton Joint Push on Ductile, Iron Pipe, Valves, and Fittings)
❖ IPEX USA LLC – (Thermoplastic Industrial and Mechanical Products – Pipe, Valves, and Fittings)
• IPS Corporation – (Solvent Cements, Primers and Sealants, Plumbing and Roofing Products, Structural and Assembly
❖ Jackel Ecosystems – (Structural Foam and Engineered Filament Wound Wastewater Basins, Stainless Steel Guide Rail
Systems, Check Valves)
❖ Krausz – (Pipe Joining and Repair Fittings for the Water and Sewage Market)
❖ Multi Fittings/Philmac – (SDR-35 Solvent Weld and Gasketed, SDR-26 Heavywall Gasketed, C900 Gasketed Pressure Fittings, Vortex Flow Inserts and Engineered Fittings and Couplings, Philmac UTC/Poly Fittings)
❖ Pipeconx – (Universal Rubber Pipe Connectors – Couplings, Connectors, Tees & Elbows, Universal Saddles, Specialty Couplings)
❖ Polyethylene Technology Inc. – (Polyethylene Pipe)
❖ Red-White Valve Corp. – (Residential, Commercial, Industrial Valves)
• Reed Tool – (Pipe Tools and Vises for Plumbing and Waterworks)
❖ Tundra Pipe Insulation – (Self-Sealing and Semi-Split Pipe Insulation)

     ❖ Denotes items stocked at Granse Lakeville warehouse